Episode 95 The Wort with Mike Pete and Steve Ft American Beauty

Welcome friends its 2022! The boys kick off season 5 with a bit of a bottle share with pals Mike from American Beauty Bar and Grill and Rob from @Robbiepandasdankbeerreviews on Instagram. The guys discuss the current craft beer industry happenings, reminisce about drunken nights and bask in the glory of some great local craft beers and beyond. Warning: there is probably more laughing than talking..Steve what's buried in the backyard?

Publish Date: 1/11/2022

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MPS are in studio with Lithology Brewing Co. and tenant brewers Jones Beach Brewing Co. Manny, Chris and Randy talk about the dynamics of tenant brewing, contract brewing and starting up a brewery post-pandemic. Manny steers the ship through Lithology's current line up and how the brewery got started. Several phone calls came in asking questions to the guest in hopes of winning tickets to this year's AC Beerfest! Too many laughs to count..strap in!

Publish Date: 5/3/2022

MPs is back at it again with another great lineup. Justin, Billy and Jon from 7Locks Brewing join the show via remote. Celebrating their 6th anniversary, this brewery from Rockville, MD is generating some great beers - from sours to IPAs, scotch ales to porters and everything in-between. The Lady Brewsters have released their third annual brew to support women in the craft beer industry on Long Island. They partnered up with Sarah from Safer Bars LI to help reduce domestic violence and bring safer environments for all patrons of breweries, bars and restaurants.

Publish Date: 4/19/2022

Mike and Pete welcome Will from Twin Lights Brewing in NJ on the program. Will talks about his journey from home-brewer to gypsy brewer and on to an eventual brick and mortar brewery. In studio, Ryan and Melissa from 27A Brewing Co join the conversation and talk about the last 3 years they have worked to create a great community brewery, how the local consumers have embraced them and what the future of the brewery will be. So many great beers were enjoyed by both of these breweries, showcasing their passion for the industry.

Publish Date: 4/5/2022

Mike Pete and Steve welcome in John from Stay Green Brewing. This is the newest brewery to hit the Long Island Craft Beer scene. John talks about his time at Malt Man canning, as a home-brewer and how he started his newest venture in brewing his own line up of delicious beers. Mark and Ryan from Hopsscotch Bottle Shop swing by to talk about their latest social media craze and how the show has evolved over the last few years. Nicky Nucks hangs in studio and Joe from WA Meadwerks phones in to talk about John's crispy ale!

Publish Date: 3/23/2022

Mike Pete and Steve welcome the guys over at Bucket Brigade Brewing Co. from Cape May Court House NJ. on the program. The fellas get a virtual tour of the brewery, discuss the state's brewing legislation, discover how the brewery honors their fellow first responders talks about the brew house and the fine liquids they are producing. Charlie from 1940's Brewing Co. hangs as the crew breaks down Hopsscotch's 2022 Brewery Bracketology as the second round voting is set to begin. Shelia from Long Ireland Beer Co. calls in with her predictions and discusses what it takes to win.

Publish Date: 3/8/2022

Mike Pete and Steve virtually welcome in Gunnar and Lindsay from Springs Brewery in East Hampton, NY, LI. These contract brewers have made their name in the craft beer industry by producing great lagers and IPAs. Hear about the current brewing process and learn about the future plans for a brewery of their own. Lots of great information for those who just starting their journey of owning a brewery.

Publish Date: 2/8/2022

MPS are in studio with Mike from Circa Brewing Co in downtown Brooklyn. This brewery, established in 2017, has been producing remarkable liquid since Mike has joined the crew over a year ago. Mike talks about his journey through MD and DC breweries to eventually bring all his experience to Circa. Mike explains why he has been focused on bringing beer flavored beer to BK and how his brews absorb classic styles with modern twists. BEERMKR and Fizzics make their studio debut!

Publish Date: 1/25/2022

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